The Time Tunnel

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The Time Tunnel

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The Time Tunnel takes you back in time to a featured year and plays you some of the biggest hits.

We've also trawled through the archives to find you some classic ads from "The Natural Way" hairspray for men to Great Deals from "Leyland Cars".

The biggest hits non-stop from years gone by-
The Time Tunnel.

* Please note
Adverts are played for education and nostalgic purposes only, these ads are not aired for commercial gain.
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Re: The Time Tunnel

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Hi to everyone at C100.

Just to say how much I enjoy the Time Tunnel and the 70s slot on your station.

Today I heard a bit of crackling while listening to Leo Sayer on the Time Tunnel. I love you guys for that. there are so many stations who play re-mastered or re-sung issues of songs, and it's just not the same as the original played at that time in that year. Well done, guys.

Have you heard Richard todd's programmes, e.g 'Guilty Pleasures' yet? They're brilliant programmes and might fit in really well on your station. I'm always sending him ideas for 'Guilty Pleasures'. The website is:

Keep up the good work!

XX Helen in the South of France
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Re: The Time Tunnel

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I agree with the second reply
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